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Being Unique is
Better Than Being PERFECT!

At Uniquely Flawed Collections, we take pride in bringing you a collection of products that make you look good and feel good.

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Courage Collection


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The Creator

Uniquely Flawed Collections, London Amari Studio, The Courage Collection, and Bree'a Sherre Style & Design was founded by a woman who has a deep and abiding passion for being authentic and true to herself. We are all flawed and that’s what makes us unique! All of our products and Collections caters to a large variety of uniquely flawed, perfect-just-the-way-we-are kind of people! We make and find quality goods that bring joy to our customers — to their bodies and their minds!

Cosmopolitan Beauty Slayer in your Hometown!

Our mission is to provide a transformational whole-body experience. Specializing in high quality skincare, lashes, massage and beauty services! Shop our skin care, brow, lash, and beauty  products. 

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Amari Studio

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